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BrightFlame's Schedule
Join BrightFlame at a NYC Reclaiming gathering. They meet twice a month. Contact us (below) for info.  
"Like" her facebook page for the most up-to-date info.                 

~~~~~in reverse chronological order~~~~~

October 2017  BrightFlame will co-teach The Gift of Baba Yaga: Facing Power with our Authentic Selves at Wild Maine Witchcamp, a week-long Reclaiming Intensive.

August 2017  BrightFlame will co-teach Pentacle of the Story at Vermont Witchcamp, a week-long Reclaiming Intensive.

December 2016   BrightFlame offered a workshop and ritual with Starhawk in New York City and Philadelphia. See Making Rituals That Matter on our Events page.

December 2016  BrightFlame and NYC Reclaiming friends offered Lady Liberty Calls: A Ritual for Personal and Global Healing at BRIC arts center in Brooklyn.

BrightFlame's email list and facebook page are the best way to know about offerings like this in advance (nope, we're not good about keeping this website up to date...sorry!)

In addition to classes, watch for BrightFlame at these venues: Links will open in new windows

August 2016   Woman Soul at Rowe Camp and Conference Center (Massachusetts)
For more than a decade, BrightFlame has been part of the teaching team Eclipse assembles each year for deep mystical work that affects the world. Working with the Goddess who comes through for the year, we Seekers, Dreamers, Visionaries join together for ritual, magic, connecting with the forest and allies...and for camaraderie and fun. Won't you join us? (this program has historically been only for women. Sorry men and others)

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