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Influences:  Reclaiming witchcraft, Magaian Way, ecofeminism,
Margaret Atwood, Ursula Le Guin, Starhawk, Linda Hogan, Alice Hoffman


BrightFlame is a writer, teacher, and priestess who helps others connect with the Earth in a sacred way. She acts for social, economic, and environmental justice . . . and hopes you do as well! Active in the worldwide Reclaiming Tradition since 1995, including Maine, New York, Philly, and Vermont communities, she's taught at several witchcamps and recently offered workshops and rituals with Starhawk in NYC and Philadelphia. 

Watch for her novel, The Working. Witches must save our planet from the forces that will cause cataclysmic harm.

The Working weaves a witchy tale, incorporating magical teachings and Earth consciousness in literary form. She has plans for another work of speculative fiction, as well as a middle grade series to connect children with nature. Her environmental column, Living Lightly on the Earth, appeared in regional newspapers.

Active in feminist communities, she was a presenter and priestess at Womongathering (an annual spiritual festival drawing over 400 women) for over 14 years and on the teaching staff of WomenCircles and WomanSoul (Rowe Center, MA) for more than a decade. When she is not consumed with her writing, she offers classes, rituals and events in New York City and beyond, including many iterations of Elements of Magic (the basic class in Reclaiming Witchcraft) and other Reclaiming core classes like Pentacle of Iron.

She loves to play in the forest and near the ocean, and she finds magical spots in urban areas as well. Her passion is protecting wild and natural lands and promoting a sustainable, regenerating world. She often brings science into her magical teaching.

Some of BrightFlame’s specialities include: sensing and shaping energy, receiving messages from allies in all the realms, leading trance journeys, creating labyrinths, working with pentacles, storytelling in ritual form, and introducing people to the Mysteries. She enjoys creating experiential workshops and curricula that allow participants to exercise their creativity, find insights, and receive guidance. She not only teaches in the pagan community, she has brought her work to "lay" audiences, helping to promote earth consciousness and science in people's ordinary lives and in K-12 classrooms. You'll find traces of this work in her writing.

BrightFlame produces events aligned with her work, such as the November '99 program in Philadelphia, Excavating the Great Mother: The Life and Work of Marija Gimbutas. This program included filmmaker Donna Read, artist Cristina Biaggi, composer/harper Julia Haines, and other internationally-acclaimed guests and benefited the documentary on archaeologist Gimbutas that Read and Starhawk created. Over the years, BrightFlame has hosted workshops with Starhawk and other special guests.

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Sampling of Classes Offered

Magical Activism 
Learn the language of energy—how it moves and flows—and apply these patterns and grids to your magic, to activism, and to life. These techniques for reading and shaping energy will help you act more effectively in the world. We will explore ways to identify an energy pattern and learn to use one pattern to alter another. We will also learn how to channel energy through grids and patterns of various shapes. Is the energy blocked and stagnant? Is the energy spilling away too quickly? building too rapidly or slowly? Is the action or activity not creating the outcome you wish? Learn to detect and shape energy patterns and grids that will aid your work. This workshop aligns well with the Occupy, Black Lives Matter, People's Climate and similar movements, and is powerful for those who would like to detect and shape energy in any setting.  to top

Pentacle of Story
This pentacle is a powerful tool for creating change in the world, finding your path, and for storytelling. The magic of this five-pointed star pattern is that each point is connected with all other points. Navigating from Contentment to Challenge to Trust to Petitioning Allies to Right Action offers myriad teachings and insights, as does starting at any point on the pentacle and following its pathways. Find the secret knowledge embedded in this pentacle once you've followed its points back to Contentment and are transformed. This workshop offers a wonderful tool for writers to solve issues with their plot and character arcs.   to top

Energy Intensive
Can you feel energy?  Is it real, tangible?  Through experiential exercises, we will play with energy so that you can learn to sense it, to feel it . . .to see it.  And know it is real.  This session is for those new to ritual and energy work, as well as those who seek advanced priestessing training. to top

Embodying the Pentacle
Working a pentacle is a wonderful way to experience energy flow within. It’s also a great tool for problem-solving, healing and getting to know your own patterns. Pentacle magic is one of the foundations of the Reclaiming (and Feri) Tradition, especially working with the Iron and Pearl Pentacles.  It is an access point for shadow work, for balancing and sustaining your energy—and so much more. In this session we will work with an established pentacle, and you will have the opportunity to create and explore the Pentacle of You. This workshop aligns well with activism and finding inspiration.  to top

EIEIO: Creating Ritual in the Reclaiming Tradition
Experience and help create ritual as BrightFlame takes us through visioning and components of ritual in her unique fashion. Whether new to the Craft or you have years of experience in Reclaiming or other paths, you will have an opportunity to grow your skills as we co-create a ritual. What is EIEIO? Come and find out!to top

Walking the Pentacle
Feel and read the energy of the pentacle with all your senses. If you have ever walked a labyrinth, you know the depth of experience walking a sacred pattern can hold. We will invoke a particular pentacle and enter its energy in a sacred way in order to know and to grow. Experience the meaning of being on- or off-point and use this wonderful tool to gain insight about ourselves and our shadow selves.  to top

Occupy Love 
Join BrightFlame on a creative journey to find your core values--what you hold most sacred--and then step through the heart portal with us to create the world we most desire. This workshop aligns well with the Occupy movement, with magic, wonder and inspiration! It was inspired by Velcrow Ripper's film Occupy Love.  to top

Elements of Magic
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit—we will work with the elements in sacred space, learning tools and techniques for creating effective rituals.  This is the first class in the Reclaiming Tradition of Witchcraft (co-founded by Starhawk). We will work with energy sensing, trance, Goddess & God stories, visualization, chanting, spellcrafting, invoking and many other tools. This 6-week class is recommended for those who would like to learn to create sacred space and rituals in any tradition as well as those who want to work more intensively in the Reclaiming Tradition. (Can also be offered over a weekend or two.) to top

Labyrinths: Walking the Sacred Path
A labyrinth is a tool for Knowing, Willing, Daring and Healing. You will learn to create a labyrinth in this session. As we walk this ancient 7-circuit path, find its Sacredness and its message for you. Feel the heartbeat of the Earth as we trace Her moving patterns. BrightFlame will retell the myth of Theseus and Ariadne from a pre-patriarchal place as she moves us on a trance journey to the Center. to top

Tree Wisdom
What do the Tall Ones have to say to us? Learn to sense the auras of trees and to communicate with them. Learn to drop and open your awareness, as well as other styles of perceiving and knowing.  Part of this session will be a ritual where, through trance and actual contact with trees, we will bring their messages back to the circle. to top

Pentacle of Iron
The points of the Pentacle of Iron are our birthright. This class will forever change you. Using our magical skills, moving and shaping energy, transforming ourselves through trance, we will explore the five points of our inner pentacle Sex (primal energy), Self, Passion, Pride, and Power (effectiveness in the worlds).  This class adds much depth to personal and magical work. It includes shadow work and working with inflated/deflated/core self. This is one of the Reclaiming core classes. Prerequisite: Elements of Magic class (or equivalent with instructor permission). to top

Journey to the Goddess 
BrightFlame will lead participants on a trance journey to the Goddess.  Who will call to us? Artemis of the woods and the wild? Brighid of the sacred well and flame? Sehkmet of the desert fire? Oshun of the waters? She Who Is Nameless? What message does She hold for you? to top

Finding the Horned God
Who is thrusting upwards and greening out? Feel His vitality and hear His messages. Connect with your wild and raw energy as we honor Him. Know when it is time for your energy to "die back" to yield to energy and activities yet unborn. to top

Water Magick
Through a guided trance we will immerse ourselves in the nature and energy of water.  Once we feel water’s energy and properties, we will learn various ways we can use water in ritual, magick, divination, spellwork, healing, prayer.   This hands-on session will explore water as a tool, water as an ally, and the qualities of the direction West as it represents emotional work, tidal work, feeling our feelings, ebb and flow. to top

Pentacle of Fire
Where do you store your embers? How do you get them to flame? Are you getting enough fuel? Working with the Pentacle of Fire will allow us to explore these and other questions as we learn to sense and work with energy, and feel the 5 aspects of fire moving in our bodies. Working with pentacles is a witch’s problem-solving tool.  It helps her to sense and work with energy and find answers in a particular situation. to top

The Crone's Vulva 
What happened when Baubo lifted Her skirts to Demeter? What magic transpired? What vision was gifted to Demeter? Together we will enter the Mysteries. Through trance and energy work we will learn the magic and the power of the crone’s vulva. to top

Breasts of Artemis:  Nurturing the Land
Enter the Mystery of “many-breasted” Artemis. We will explore and immerse ourselves in the story of Artemis as life-giving tree, working with Earth energy to recharge and heal the land. to top

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