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BrightFlame is working with an editor on her novel-- watch for a 2016 release. And maybe she'll go back to blogging one of these days, too!

BrightFlame joined with Starhawk to offer Stories for the Future in NYC and Philadelphia in February 2016. Both workshops sold out in advance. Assure you are on BrightFlame's email list to be the first to know of new offerings!


Stories for the Future

Stories shape our imagination and our ideas of the possible.  How can we use the power of story to help us envision a positive future, and inspire people to want to work towards it?  Stir in a little magic--the art of shaping and shifting consciousness, of connecting with the deep creative energies of nature, bending time and opening awareness.  We'll explore our ancestral and personal stories, and the day will culminate in a powerful ritual of collective myth creation.

Email BrightFlame (below) to be added to the email list so you will always be the first to know about workshops and events. They often sell out.

BrightFlame offered a much acclaimed set of workshops in NYC in 2014: Working with Energy for Magic, Ritual, Activism...and Life. Since then she has focused on her writing and on activism for social, economic and environmental justice. Please join her in standing up and reclaiming the Earth! Use your voice, your writing, your actions--be creative. Be alive!

The Earth is Alive
She is not for sale
When her people work together
Then She/we will prevail!

We brought Reclaiming magic to the People's Climate March in NYC with that wonderful chant by Chrys Ballerano!

Please see BrightFlame's Classes page for more info on workshops. You may also contact us via email (link at bottom) to ask to be added to our class and event list.  Stay posted for other upcoming Events and Classes.
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Have you read Shark Dialogues by Kiana Davenport?
Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? 
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk?

Follow that link to find out the latest on the movie project!

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